About Us

The present scenario in the world has elevated the influence of technology especially in the academic sector too. The technology not only aids in the process of teaching and learning but also it empowers the entire system of study through its audio-visual effect. So in the contemporary situation, online classes are gradually gaining momentum as it proves to be a safe as well as productive one to the students of all age group. It is sure that online classes effectively supplement the absence of real classroom learning.


#eLearning and Emerging Technologies is dedicated to supporting faculty, contributing to teaching excellence, and enhancing student success through: exemplary instructional design, effective application and integration of instructional technologies, interactive digital media development, administration and enhancement of the university’s enterprise learning management system (Blackboard), and the deployment of innovative emerging technologies.


eLearning and Emerging Technologies will be nationally recognized as a leader in the application of innovative instructional technologies that facilitate the next generation of teaching and learning.

We are focusing on Coordinate Resources, Share Best Practices, Ensure Course Quality, Generate Economies of Scale, Collect, Analyze, Evaluate Data and Digital Transformation.